Monday, July 15, 2013

Red, White and Brute

America the beautiful ,America the great Serving you your freedom at $15 a plate Inflation, gotta love to hate but we tolerate it cuz we've been taught its our fate Unnecessary wars, crime, hate vs hate If you've lost a love one due to violence then you should relate Damn the man, open your eyes to reality Were going downhill fast and it's so sad to me Blinded by the media not even our kids are safe Sex, drugs, violence, we're even judged by our faith The poison that they put out on tv Have brainwashed us numb, you'll learn eventually We praise ball players, and pay them plenty While our teachers take cuts and their pockets are close to empty If you can't afford a lawyer, one will be appointed to you, But if you can't afford insurance, well...then you're screwed Society turned our beautiful young women into bitches and hoes The young men lack respect now that anything goes The land of opportunity isn't as free as we think, The government has enslaved us, our rights gradually shrink They distract us in so many ways and forms Sheep guiding sheep is now whats the norm The less we care, the better we will be? Until your child loses their innocence....maybe then you will see.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Beautiful Disaster

Hit 10 blunts in hopes of waking up to a new reality. It didnt work. Is this really life for me?
I cant sleep my troubles haunt my thoughts. I have no answers to these questions I have sought.
Im a fuck up I cant seem to get it right. Making dark decisions when Im the epitome of bright. Lord I know you know that im really trying. (God please let me get through these words without crying.)
Im hurting and my past has made my present really blurry. And whats worse is that I drink til I no longer worry. Im failing or rather that im losing. In this game called life slow death is what im choosing. Im bruising or better stated ive been bruised. My heart is the victim which has badly been abused. No excuses simply just disturbed facts. Im looking for some peace in my life its what I lack. Peace of soul peace of heart and mainly peace of mind. A little peace of self is what I cant seem to find.
Im far from perfect. Perfects never even heard of me. Im just hanging on to hope of what one day I can be. A better person. And everyday i learn what it takes for me to reach that and what it takes for me to burn.
Bare with me cuz I promise you Ill get there, I just need the chance to do it and to know that you still care. Im broken but im on my way to whole again. This will all be in the past soon til we reminisce. Remember when...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

She is me

She smiles so no one knows shes broken. Dark thoughts cloud her mind, agony sets in. Always the joyous one, always the friend. But no one realizes its her just trying to blend. Avoiding her inner demons, never facing them. Never sad emotions, forever replacing them. The shoulder everyone leans on when the world gets tough. The one everyone calls when times are rough. Shes not allowed to feel anything but happy. Dying inside but they all fail to see. Its building inside her waiting to explode. No one hears the warning, but shes not talking in code. Tick tock....

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love conquest. You took and ran away with my heart. Jump start, you made an impact. I couldn't think past the first conversation. No playing, what you were relaying had me saying my oh my. This guy is something else....
Undoubtedly I hesitated....didn't make it known that you made this impact but for a fact, I was taken back. Your intelligence drew me in. New perspective...for the win. But let me begin, by saying im not easy to entice. Rolled the dice, guess you're lucky cuz you won my interest. Bullet proof vest protects my soul and you with no ammunition; so I had to listen, cuz it was sincere. My dear, I thank you for this new feeling. Have me believing in the good again. And even if its for a moment, I will hold it. Eternally.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Puppet Master

There I was just sitting on cloud 9 minding mine
When abruptly, disruptively you came up to me
I've seen you before, thought I closed this door
Guess I left you wanting more....cause there you were.

You charmed me, it alarmed that my heart was beating faster
You're the master, at this game called love
Like a glove it fit naturally.
Your smile lit a fire, a past desire that never stopped burning
Am i yearning for this old flame?
Or is it the game that I lust? I must shake this.

Your the sweetest bliss ever known to man
DAMN it's like if I can bottle it, I'd be a millionaire
If I dare share it with the world...but I'm a greedy girl
Sounds of the whispers in my ear make me cheer inside like a child
You drive me wild.
You pulled the strings of my heart from the very start puppet master

I feel disaster coming once again
I cannot win... I give in
"I Love You" Never sounded so sweet
Now the beat of my heart is all I biggest fear
The silence is near
I look around and you're gone, same old song.
Those words they chased you, they faced you but you ran.
What a MAN
And here I am...but this time with a plan.

June 22

Blindfolded. Only directed by the senses. Doesn't meet consensus. But who's to say what sense is??


No coppin pleads, just coppin PLEASE
I'll state my case, then let you be.
I'll prove my worth, then let you see.
There's nothing more in sync with you than me.
No backstreet, no front. No lies, no stunt.
If you're the catcher, here's a bunt.
Unexpected but what you WANT.
Perfect story, different font. No index...just blunt